Flyride Changbai Mountain Lifts Off!

We were delighted to join forces with Moonraker VFX and Pel Creative Ltd to shoot an ambitious film for the project, to take guests on an epic, single shot journey over the wild and magical Changbaishan landscape of northeastern China.The flight is the ultimate coming together of live action and VFX, showcasing the incredible wildlife of the area as we travel through all four changing seasons.

Filmed by aerial DOP Ron Chapple, with an epic score by Joel Douek and a mind blowing 5.1 mix by Samuel Castleton @ halo Post Production, the film is delivered on a state of the art ride system by Brogent Technologies Inc. Guests are treated to the ultimate immersive experience as they are positioned right inside the action, surrounded by a giant concave screen, with the motion seating following the flight path of the film and 4D effects like wind and mist creating a true sensation of flight.

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We have lift off! 5 years in the making, the Changbai Mountain Flying Theatre experience has officially taken flight.
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July 16, 2021
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