Flyride Films To Produce Five New Flyride 4D, 8K Giant-Screen Immersive Films

Shot in 8K, using custom VR camera, graphics and editing technology, each five-minute film blends stunning real life footage with striking visual effects and compelling storytelling to create a unique and breathtaking 4D exploration of China’s Five Sacred Mountains.

The new FLYRIDE FIVE MOUNTAINS films will be shown at Legend’s Cultural Leisure Complexes across China. Sitting in smart suspension-seat technology inside a four-story dome screen, audiences will experience pitch, yaw, roll, surge, sway and heave movement, together with physical effects like mist, wind and scent to provide the illusion of a seamless flight around the mountains.

China’s Five Sacred Mountains are some of the country’s best known cultural landmarks - symbolising the essence of what it is to be Chinese - blending tradition, mythology and history with a modern desire for fresh air and the healing power of a beautiful natural environment. Each is traditionally associated with a specific element: fire, water, metal, wood and earth - and the films will take these themes as a way of introducing each mountain.

Flyride Films’ first project, FLYRIDE CHANGBAISHAN, has been hugely successful - wowing visitors at the Changbaishan National Park’s visitor centre, resulting in the order for five new FLYRIDES.

"This is a hugely exciting area for us as a company, with a lot of opportunity for growth as the number of 4D giant screen locations increases globally. We’re able to combine Talesmith’s storytelling expertise with Moonraker’s incredible visual effects to create something unique for companies looking to provide the latest VR experiences to customers at their attractions." Martin Williams, Creative Director, Talesmith

"We are incredibly proud of the work we are creating in this new entertainment arena. Working in 8K is hugely challenging: every detail is seen on a 20 metre dome screen, it requires a lot of planning and a lot of rendering. It’s fantastic to be able to wow visitors with our work and to hear the excitement of the audience as they fly on the ride." Simon Clarke, Creative Director, Moonraker

Flyride Films, the company set up by high-end factual production company Talesmith and world-class independent VFX company Moonraker today announced it has won an order from China’s Legend Cultural Development for five new 4D giant-screen FLYRIDE immersive films.
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May 3, 2018
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