Talesmith flying high with 'Mercury Towers' Flying Theatre, Malta
We are honoured to partner with global attractions leaders to bring Malta’s history to life through this truly unique concept. This groundbreaking attraction embodies our commitment to creating unforgettable moments which cannot be experienced elsewhere.
Marcel Bonnici
CEO, Mercury Towers

A new immersive visitor attraction, to open in 2024, will transport guests through Malta’s history and explore the islands in the present day. It offers an innovative combination of entertainment and education, with an immersive dark walk experience, an interactive exhibition, and the first flying theatre ride in Malta.

Filmed over a year, Talesmith and Moonraker VFX partnered to create the giant screen film -the main attraction for the flying ride - continuing their successful long standing relationship in delivering high end, narrative driven experiences. Talesmith produced the live action content and reenactments, creating a fleet of custom-built FPV drones carrying ultra high definition 8K cameras to deliver a thrilling low altitude, high-speed experience for guests. A helicopter was used to capture spectacular views from high altitude.

Moonraker delivered stunning photo-real VFX to enhance the live action and take guests under water and back in time to witness Malta's most dramatic moments, sites and battles.

Sarner produced the wider piece, working closely with Heritage Malta throughout the development process in order to maintain the greatest degree of authenticity.

Situated inside Mercury Towers, an iconic new development designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the custom-built flying theatre provides special onboard effects thanks to Simtec's six-degrees-of-freedom motion platform to take visitors on a magical flight around the islands.

The project has created a unique and innovative approach to flying theatre. This exceeds the traditional “fly over” experience by integrating immersive storytelling and informative scene-setting shows with a historical story-led flying theatre ride and immersive special effects. As a result, the attraction is both educational and exciting, and sets a new standard for the heritage attractions sector.

Talesmith film aerial content for Malta's very first Flying Theatre ride, in collaboration with Simtec Systems, Sarner International and Moonraker VFX
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November 14, 2023
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The project is located within Mercury Towers, an iconic new building built by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Mercury Towers, once completed, aims to be a new cultural centre in St. Julians, Malta. The development will capture the essence of modern urban living through a vibrant district of shops, public areas, restaurants, bars, cafes, the newest ME Hotel by Melia, and the best entertainment venues. This offer will be supported by an engaging and varied cultural programme.

In addition to this project in Malta, Talesmith and Moonraker are engaged in a second large-scale international Flying Theatre project this year, which will be announced soon.

Design and Build by Sarner International

Film Media and Moving Image by Moonraker VFX

Film Production by Talesmith

Flying Theatre designed and delivered by Simtec Systems

Impression of the new Flying Theatre (© Simtec Systems / Sarner International)

Design render of the Mercury Towers development (© Zaha Hadid Architects)