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We co-produced this cutting edge short movie in VR, taking on the perspective of a fly-sized spy drone.
Virtual Reality

FlySpy is a short film directed by BAFTA-winner Daniel M Smith and is a hybrid of traditional film and virtual reality. To be viewed on a screen or on a VR headset, it is the first of its kind utilising the best aspects of both mediums.

FlySpy is a short-thriller about a young, genius deviant called Greg who has made a wirelessly controlled drone in the form of a fly with a camera in its head.

Everything the fly can see Greg can see. He is deeply obsessed with his ex-girlfriend Haley so he spends his time secretly watching her through the eyes of his tiny robotic partner in crime. But when Greg witnesses Haley’s violent new boyfriend, John, abusing her, it very quickly becomes clear that for Greg, simply watching is not enough.

FlySpy is a hybrid of traditional film and virtual reality. With two different versions: one for a traditional screen and one for VR headsets, FlySpy is the first of its kind.

All virtual reality scenes are from the point of view of the remotely controlled nano-robot drone fly controlled by Greg. When viewing from the virtual reality headset, the viewer will be immersed into the world of Greg whenever he is using the robot fly, we will see on our headset exactly what he can see through his headset in 270 degree virtual reality.

FlySpy has the support of some fantastic individuals and companies in the industry ranging from the BAFTA-winning VFX company JELLYFISH and the award-winning virtual reality post and hire company ONSIGHT to JAKE LUNT, the concept artist on the new STAR WARS films, who designed our nano-robot drones.

FlySpy has won many awards and screened at several BAFTA-qualifying festivals and was funded with a combination of our funds and the kind support of the Kickstarter Community.

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Behind the scenes
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  • This immersive drama was uniquely created as two technologies were only just developing.
  • Virtual Reality and stabilised drones for filming.
  • Every shot and storybeat was uniquely conceptualised in a 3D environment. Without the ability to 'cut', nor the traditional tools of 2D filmmaking at our disposal, a new visual grammar had to be developed.
  • Some of our team had worked on multiple Sky 3D projects with Sir David Attenborough and at the cutting-edge of 3D storytelling. Moving into VR was the next natural step.
  • The movie is available on YouTube and has attracted over two million hits.
  • The project won multiple awards and was acclaimed for its pioneering ideas across the industry.

Flat Cap Films in Association with Talesmith and Stefan Allesch-Taylor
Executive Producers: Stefan Allesch-Taylor, Martin Williams
Co-Executive Producer: Charlie Kay
Director: Daniel M Smith
Producer: Kyran Speirs, Andrew Ornitharis, Daniel M Smith
Director of Photography: Xavier Amorós
Cast: Ophelia Lovibond, Sam Hoare and Lewis Rainer
Editor: Brian Hovmand

Watching was not enough