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Future Smart Mining: The Reality
How technology, digitalisation and sustainability can work together.
Environment, Engineering
Anglo American

When Anglo American approached us to help them communicate their ideas for sustainability in mining, we were understandably sceptical. Mining is one of the most damaging industries for the environment, with a terrible track record for safety and community disruption.

But, after a period of due diligence and after having sought advice from conservation NGO Fauna and Flora International, we began to see the light. Mining is an inevitability and if we're going to help make a difference for our planet's future, we should be supporting the companies that are genuinely advancing their technologies and engaging in committed corporate responsibility.

Future Smart Mining: The Reality highlights the step-change innovations that will transform the nature of mining – how the company source, mine, process, move and market mining products. It is about transforming mining's physical and societal footprint.

Anglo American envisage a much-reduced environmental footprint from new ways of mining, including by using a number of precision mining technologies and data analytics, while their collaborative approach to regional economic development and ambitious global stretch goals are aimed at delivering improvements to areas including health and education.

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Behind the scenes
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  • This film was our first branded content production
  • We worked to a tight brief, fitting within the company's brand to communicate some complex processes
  • We wanted the experts at the company to tell their story so filmed extended interviews so that each contributor helped piece together the processes involved
  • We worked closely with Moonraker VFX to create stunning CGI explainer shots
  • This is a great example of how our expertise as storytellers can streamline the communication of complex scientific ideas

Producer: Talesmith

A revolution in mining sustainability and corporate responsibility