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President Zelensky's Hologram
Talesmith captured and beamed a holographic address from a wartime leader for the first time since Princess Leia.
Augmented Reality
Founders Forum Group

In the summer of 2022, with the war in Ukraine raging, we were called up to do something extraordinary by the Founders Forum, a global community of businesses and entrepreneurs. Travelling to the Presidential Palace in Kyiv, the Ukrainian leader’s call for support was broadcast live from his headquarters, and beamed simultaneously into major tech-conferences across Europe. It also went direct to individuals worldwide on smart phones using immersive AR technology.

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Behind the scenes
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  • Talesmith was commissioned to produce the event by Founders Forum and Thomas Hoegh of Garden Studios
  • Talesmith Founder and multi-award-winning director Martin Williams was on location in Ukraine with President Zelensky, with a local team of who built the rig in secret in 24 hours
  • ARHT Media provided cutting-edge technology to create, transmit and receive a live holographic image of the President, and Evercoast created an avatar for smart phone users worldwide using a 'volcap' studio

Producer: Talesmith in association with Garden Studios, AHRT Media and Evercoast for Founders Forum Group

Director: Martin Williams

Producers: Thomas Hoegh, Mark Wright, Ruth Roberts

Production Manager: Elisabeth Pinto

Assistant Producer: Mariana Kneppers

President Zelensky uses cutting edge hologram technology to address the tech community