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Shark Week 2022: Jaws Vs The Blob
Dr Craig O’Connell, Andy Casagrande and Madison Stewart visit Guadalupe Island to investigate reports of juvenile great whites arriving here to flee oceanic heatwave 'The Blob'. Can they discover how the juveniles are surviving attack among 20ft adults?
Adventure, Natural History
Discovery Channel

When locals report unusual white shark activity in the waters off Guadalupe, a remote Mexican island, Dr Craig O’Connell, Andy Casagrande and Madison Stewart head out to investigate. Visiting during Big Girl Season, when giant females up to 20ft arrive to feed on elephant seals, the team head to an unexplored cove where they discover a truth that shocks them all – tiny juvenile great whites running the gauntlet of predatory adults.

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Behind the scenes
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  • Filmed at white shark hotspot Guadalupe Island, Mexico
  • In a world-first, Talesmith projected clips of great white sharks displaying unique body language onto an underwater screen to communicate with the wild great whites below. The responses were clear, astonishing and unprecedented as sharks arched their backs and dropped their pectoral fins
  • The “Jaws Rover”, an adapted underwater ROV, was used to safely infiltrate the private life of juveniles hiding in the depths. For the first time, it revealed how these youngsters survive in the adults' stomping grounds, using body language to communicate with each other
  • The team attempted a world-first deep dive in a drop-cage. It allowed them to see where juveniles go to hide from territorial adults
  • The team used a unique multi-camera 360 Kandao Obsidian set-up using 6 GoPros. This system records 4K underwater footage and allowed Talesmith to detect any sharks that bypassed the Jaws Rover
  • Additional BRUVs (Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems) were positioned on the seafloor to attract shy but hungry juveniles, ensuring powerful and unique POV shots of behaviour and seal prey
  • A bespoke passive receiver developed by Dr. Craig O’Connell allowed the team to detect GPS-tagged adult sharks in the region, already familiar to scientists

Executive Producer: Martin Williams
Director: Pete Chinn 
Director of Photography: Andy Casagrande 
Editor: Joe Snell 
Assistant Producer: Mariana Kneppers 
Production Manager: Elisabeth Pinto

Young great white sharks risk death in an environmental phenomenon