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Earthrise is a multi award-winning environmental series for Al Jazeera exploring the most significant threats to our planet by highlighting eco-friendly solutions from around the world. It features stories of those who strive to improve our quality of life and reduce our negative impact on the earth.
Al Jazeera

Talesmith produced six powerful episodes, filmed around the world from Patagonia to Bangladesh. Each shone a light on a solution to repair our planet. We wanted these films to feel positive and show what can be done so that viewers are inspired to seek change in their own backyards.  The series is available to stream on Al Jazeera's website.

Episode 1: Life After Conflict
We explore the ecological consequences of war and conflict and how different communities, from Rohingyas refugees to Syrian scientists, try to restore a healthy relationship with nature.

Episode 2: Ecosystem Alert
We discover rich landscapes threatened by industrial development. From Sweden to Turkey we meet the eco-heroes fighting to save these precious ecosystems.

Episode 3: Reimagining Plastic
We meet environmental entrepreneurs who recycle plastic waste to produce a large variety of items from fishing boats to coffee cups.

Episode 4: Feeding the Billions
We explore potential new strategies to satisfy the growing food demand, from restaurants growing potatoes in the air to jellyfish as a potential sustainable meat alternative.

Episode 5: Rewilding Patagonia
We visit Patagonia National Park to find out how it became one of the biggest conservation projects in history.

Episode 6: The People’s Voice
We meet anti-climate change movements in the US and UK, who are fighting for a political change.

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Behind the scenes
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Executive Producers: Martin Williams, Kirsty Wilson
Shooting Producer-Directors: Fraser Mullen, Oliver Meade, Max Duncan
Producer: Ruth Mayer, Philip Jones
Editors: Tom Deverell, Michelle Tsen, Craig Walker, Joe Snell
Production Manager: Katie Harmsworth

How positive community action can save our planet