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Flyride Changbaishan 4D
Soar like an eagle across a magical Chinese landscape in a purpose built 'flying theatre'.
Flying Theatre
Legend Cultural Development

Talesmith and Moonraker VFX came together as Flyride Films to co-produce a five-minute film for PEL Creative, for a new visitor’s centre at Changbaishan National Park in China run by Legend Cultural Development.

The experience includes a two-minute pre-show that uses smart suspension seat technology to place the audience ‘inside’ a four storey, 4K Dome screen. It tells the story of the natural world in a single aerial flight and will incorporate physical effects like mist, wind and scent.

The experience, which opened to the public in spring 2021, explores the relationship between creatures that live at Changbaishan National Park and their environment, as well as the story of the region (at the border between China and North Korea) over the course of a year.

Talesmith created the story’s visuals through custom VR technology and produced the narrative for the experience.

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Behind the scenes
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  • Filmed using state of the art helicopter and drone technology
  • The whole experience consists of 19 shots belnded into a single seamless flight across Changbaishan National Park
  • The park shares a border with North Korea which made permissions and access a challenge!

Producers: Talesmith & Moonraker VFX as Flyride Films

Director: Martin Williams

Visual Effects Director: Simon Clarke

Aerial Cinematography: Ron Chappell

Director of Photography (Preshow): Paul Williams

Assistant Producer: Dom Walter

Production Manager: Fiona Campbell

Director of Operations: Ulla Streib

A magical flight across the seasons