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Prince William: A Planet For Us All
With unique access to HRH the Duke of Cambridge, we followed Prince William as he discovered how best to use his unique global status for the good of the planet.
Environmental, Documentary
ITV, Discovery Plus

Growing up, Prince William always loved nature. Now, as a father, with the devastation of climate change and extinction already upon us, the need to protect nature has never been more urgent. Filmed over two years, with unique on-the-shoulder access, this film is an intimate and charming portrayal of the Duke of Cambridge at a unique moment, not just in his own life but in the life of our planet. William has always believed it’s possible to give young people hope and he has the belief that things can get fixed. As he meets inspiring local heroes across Britain and the world, he sees an opportunity to become a bridge between the young people who are crying out for change and the leaders and policy makers who can make it happen; after all, the covid pandemic has shown what governments are capable of in a crisis.

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Behind the scenes
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  • The project followed Prince William for two years
  • With unprecedented access to Sandringham, Prince William uniquely shared his favourite childhood haunts and his personal, deep-held concerns for our planet
  • Working closely with our directors, he spoke of the legacy his father and grandfather have inspired in him
  • William and Catherine travelled together to see the melting glaciers of Pakistan and speak with those who live there
  • Our teams uniquely captured events up-close, such as the day William met children in Liverpool - a story that provides inspiration to us all

Produced by Oxford Films in association with Talesmith
Director: Martin Williams
Producer: Faye Hamilton
Director of Photography: Tim Cragg, Neil Harvey
Editor: Niels Bellinger

Inspired by fatherhood, Prince William embarks on a two year mission