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Shark Week 2021: Return To Lair Of The Great White
Dr Craig O'Connell and Marc Payne return to where they unexpectedly filmed a juvenile great white on a previous mission. Can they find a hidden new pupping ground?
Adventure, Natural History

There are more fatal great white attacks in Western Australia than anywhere else on the planet. Shark biologist Dr Craig O’Connell is on a quest to uncover why. On the trail of a five metre, possibly pregnant, female named Charlotte, Craig, together with local diver Marc Payne and shark conservationist Madison Stewart want to find out if the attacks are linked to the location of an undiscovered great white nursery lair.

The team’s quest leads them from Salisbury Island to the edge of the continental shelf, but the prevalence of inquisitive and persistent male sharks promises to scupper their mission as both Charlotte and any juvenile sharks stay away. After a fisherman’s sighting of a great white pup, they travel to a hidden bay on the edge of the oceanic wilderness the Great Australian Bight. Here they strike gold with the Holy Grail of white shark science; the elusive Western Australian pupping ground.  In unprecedented scenes, multiple juvenile sharks swarm the divers and surprise them for their overly aggressive nature, not only knocking over the cage but nearly slipping through the bars. Craig can’t believe his eyes. These sharks seem way more aggressive than any pups he’s ever seen before. Is this proof that Western Australian great whites are simply born more aggressive than others around the world, an adaptation to surviving in this harshest of environments?

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Behind the scenes
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  • Filmed in the wilds of the Great Australian Bight, the travelled to the edge of the continental shelf.
  • The discovery opened up new research channels, enabling new legislation to protect the young sharks.

Executive Producer: Martin Williams
Director: Will Benson 
Director of Photography: Jon Shaw ACS 
Editor:  Joe Snell 
Assistant Producer: Chelsea Mose 
Production Manager: Elisabeth Pinto

A team of scientists return to dive with some of the most aggressive sharks in the world