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Shark Week 2024: Sydney Harbour Shark Invasion
Returning to the site of his own 2009 shark attack for the first time, Paul de Gelder joins Madison Stewart to investigate a spate of recent shark attacks in and around Sydney Harbour.
Adventure, Natural History
Discovery & ITV Studios

Humans and sharks have lived in harmony here for over a decade, but that all changed in January 2024 when a young woman was nearly eaten alive by a bull shark while taking an evening swim.

Helping Paul identify the cause of Sydney’s shark attack resurgence is shark conservationist, Madison Stewart. The team is on a mission to learn what’s triggering the attacks. Is it environmental factors or new shark behaviour - and are humans to blame?

Paul and Madison will take their search for answers into the kill zone – the murky depths of Sydney Harbour! The team is diving an area known as the bull triangle, a bull shark hotspot, between the Sydney Opera House, Kirribilli point and Paul’s old navy base, where he was attacked. This will be the first time he’s dived here since a bull shark took his arm and leg in 2009. 

Their mission then takes them three miles away to Elizabeth Bay, to the site of the 2024 attack, well outside the bull triangle. Was this an isolated attack or is the bull triangle expanding?

But it’s not just bull sharks they’re interested in… the team also dive a white shark attack site that claimed the life of a swimmer in 2022. The area is close to famous Bondi Beach and sits right in the middle of a known shark highway – a migration route used by bulls, tigers, whites, makos and even endangered sand tiger sharks.

As the pair get closer to the truth, they are forced to brave the terrifying depths of the harbour once more – in search of a missing camera that could hold the final piece of the puzzle. As they close in on this critical piece of research equipment, the bull sharks surround them and Madi and Paul become separated.

Will they make it out alive with the footage they need? Or will Sydney Harbour’s Shark Invasion claim more victims?

The search for answers has never been so dangerous!

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Behind the scenes
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Working with Australian co-producer BreakOut Productions, and raising finance with distributor ITV Studios, Talesmith produced this compelling film in the heart of Australia's biggest city. The show has been awarded a prime slot on Shark Week's 2024 opening night and is available on networks around the world. This is Talesmith's fifth Shark Week production in as many years, continuing with our unique brand of 'nature entertainment' where environmental narratives and messages are delivered within compellingly told, entertaining stories.


A BreakOut production in association with Talesmith

Director & Exec Producer: Colin Thrupp

Exec Producer: Martin Williams

A city under siege