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Shark Week 2023: Tropic Jaws
When a 16-foot great white invades Indonesia's warm coast off Bali, it sparks fears that they are adapting to hunt at the tropical beaches where millions of people swim every day. Dr. Craig O'Connell and Madison Stewart are on a mission to find Tropic Jaws and discover why they left the cold water environment that they have called home for thousands of years.
Adventure, Natural History, Documentary
Discovery Plus

Indonesia is one of the sharkiest places on the planet, home to tiger sharks, silky sharks, and black tips. But is a bigger, scarier species moving in? New footage from Bali reveals a massive 16ft great white circling a group of divers. Was this just an aberration, or proof that the largest of these cold-water apex predators are making the tropics a permanent home? If they’re here, why are they coming and where are they coming from? 

With Indonesia-based shark conservationist Madison Stewart as his guide, Dr Craig O’Connell heads to remote Indonesian waters. Drawing on their experience of diving with great whites, can they identify the prime locations for white sharks and battle ripping currents to lure them out from the depths, proving once and for all that Jaws has found a new home? If Madi and Craig can prove that these sharks are here, they can inform the public so they are not alarmed - and better protect these sharks.

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Behind the scenes
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When divers in tropical Bali were caught unawares by a 16ft great white shark, Dr Craig O'Connell had to find out what was going on. He called the team at Talesmith and we set about mounting an expedition that took us to the furthest reaches of wild Indonesian waters. Was it possible that the shark had swum up from Australia where white sharks are known to exist, or was this a visitor from the less well known Japanese population of giant sharks? Madi Stewart, whose conservation charity is based in Indo, was the perfect host for the journey, drawing on her knowledge of local dive spots and her relationships with Indonesia's fishermen. Together the team dived in unexplored waters in search of great whites, risking their lives among a host of giant species.

This film was Talesmith's fourth shark week in as many years. We've built a trusted relationship with Discovery's team, listening to the needs of their audience and creating another thrilling film perfectly tailored to their brief.


Produced & Directed by: Chelsea Mose

Presented by: Craig O'Connell & Madison Stewart

Narrated by: Ronan Sunners

Editor: Joe Snell

Assistant Producer: Mariana Kneppers

Production Co-ordinators: Rachel Wood & Natalie Pendleton

Production Managers: Rob Slater & Megan Gunning

Production Executive: Candice Martin

Executive Producer: Martin Williams

Are great whites adapting to hunt in tropical waters?